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I am Feng Gao (高枫), a 4th-year undergraduate student at EE department of Tsinghua University. I’m now a research assistant in the Robot Group of NICS-EFC Lab, where I’ll continue to pursue my master degree, supervised by Prof. Yu Wang. My research interests include single-robot intelligence and multi-robot collaboration. More specifically, I focus on Decentralized SLAM now, where “SLAM” is a type of algorithms that let robots know “where am I”, and “decentralized” (or “distributed”) refers to speeding up work and expanding application scenarios by running multiple robots simultaneously. My dream is to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), although there is still a long way to go.

In addition to research, I like to watch movies, anime and TV shows. I also like reading, fitness and photography. I think every day of life should be spent earnestly and happily.